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We love | January 26, 2015

The suit is the wonderful fashion that started 100 years ago by Coco Chanel to trademark the tweed fabric. He was always synonymous with the ladies older and hardly saw young women to choose. All these were overturned in recent years and the timeless set can be adopted by more youthful way enough and you can feel comfortable in it. Besides entirely tweed , you can not put a suit that is detail.

vale modato tweed tager3 Wear the trendy tweed suit

The gray is the most classic color, with black, mainly for office look. It is also an outfit pieces which you can put individually with different styling. The suit with black details ideally combined with black ankle boots and a blouse or shirt in black or white color.

vale modato tweed tager4 Wear the trendy tweed suit

love this suit for various reasons. It’s basically a lovely electric blue hue has sleeves dominated by gray and have combined different prints. The black finish of the jacket gives a more trendy touch to a classic set are otherwise.

vale modato tweed tager2 Wear the trendy tweed suit

And now let’s look at the most fashionable and sexy version female costume . The short skirt short-waisted jacket in burgundy color combined with black over the knee boots and black translucent shirt.

vale modato tweed tager Wear the trendy tweed suit

The classic version of suit Chanel is the pencil skirt with jacket reminiscent shirt has sleeves that widen the finish, large buttons and worn closed. It is ideal for the job and for more formal events. Gold metallic heels are the finishing touch.

vale modato tweed tager1 Wear the trendy tweed suit

The Anna dello Russo shows you what is the most stylish version suit and that can put women in with every age. Klos midi length skirt, jacket in long length and tulip style, narrow zone of croco and beautiful boots with short socks.

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