Wear corduroy jacket or blazer

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We love | January 29, 2015

We do not know if you understand yet, but jackets or blazers tend to become the biggest trend this year and not only in the classic version. It’s like having fabrics, new or old to be able to have different choices and great variety. The corduroy is get over it and adopt again in our outfit with references to the 70s, but more adapted to today. Do not forget to invest in a Jacket or thin jacket of this fabric will only find a female line and style.

vale kotle mpoufan sakaki1 Wear corduroy jacket or blazer

It is a fact that when we hear corduroy, our minds go directly to brown or beige color. This is definitely in our favor because the nude is Passepartout color and not have to think a second time whether to put it. Avoid combining with total black and preferred total denim or light shades.

vale kotle mpoufan sakaki Wear corduroy jacket or blazer

Not all nice coat, but this makes our hearts beat a little faster. The military style in corduroy fabric with large gold buttons and black leather details is a masterpiece you wear in any appearance.

vale kotle mpoufan sakaki3 Wear corduroy jacket or blazer

The fashion icon Olivia Palermo wore a corduroy top to bottom, but not to set style. Choose very smart, one beige 70s bell with a brown short coat with many buttons. We like very clever mix and match with croco bag.

vale kotle mpoufan sakaki2 Wear corduroy jacket or blazer

Choose your favorite gray is the most neutral colors and combined with almost all our clothes. Swamp with jeans classic pants and white t-shirt. If it is cold, add a furry vest and you’re ready.

vale kotle mpoufan sakaki4 Wear corduroy jacket or blazer

We discovered the most boho version of corduroy coat that few will put because of the specificity of style. We would suggest your purple or burgundy to put some color in your outfit. And do not forget the fedora hat.

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