How wear celebrities the corduroy

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Celebrity Look | January 25, 2015

The corduroy Our fabric like because besides being timeless, reminds us of earlier times and more specifically the 70s. Since the boho style was the most glorious days and women dared hats and oversized sunglasses. And if the fabric is again in vogue through various ways, time to dare and we wearing clothes and holding accessories to suit our own type. Our favorite celebrities show what they themselves chose lest identify ourselves with them and getting our ideas.

pos evalan celebrities kotle How wear celebrities the corduroy

The Alexa Chung, as the ultimate fashion icon, knows how to dress in a simple manner by combining several tendencies together. The orange short corduroy skirt is highlighted right through the contrast of black shoes and white boyfriend t-shirt.

pos evalan celebrities kotle1 How wear celebrities the corduroy

In another appearance, try the classic skinny jeans but with color (lilac is now entering our favorite), which combined cleverly with ballerinas in pastel color but black sweater in sharp contrast.

pos evalan celebrities kotle3 How wear celebrities the corduroy

The same ‘street’ followed and Taylor Swift but made it more youthful and girly way. You may chose brown color that you say a little predictable, but created an outfit with oxford shoes, polka pouloveraki, blue coat, burgundy hat and brown shoulder bag. A colorful that we like and is quite safe.

pos evalan celebrities kotle4 How wear celebrities the corduroy

Bella Thorne reminded us that there are overalls, which is ancestor of modern jumpsuit and not only worn during pregnancy. The mustard color then gaining ground and is preferred by many ladies.

pos evalan celebrities kotle2 How wear celebrities the corduroy

Our Chung Alexa shows an old way has come back and make us dress with a set of clothes. We find that this style is very sexy because no exaggeration and is more ‘underground’. Instead suit invested in a set of corduroy Bermuda with a long jacket in the same color and fabric. All you will need is a female white shirt, tights and trendiest your shoes.

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