The retro dresses of celebrities

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Celebrity Look | January 29, 2015

The dress is the favorite female garment not only for us but, admittedly, and for men. Externalizes our more feminine side, makes us look more sweet and cute, let alone when we talk about retro dresses. The ’40s up to the 60s, the clothes were more closely, but with such a way as to emphasize the curves of women, since the standards were not on the verge of anorexia. Glad fashion circling and we put back these wonderful dresses and now. If you have not already done so, inspiration from those who have chosen the most hot celebrities.

ta retro foremata ton celebrities The retro dresses of celebrities

Zoey Deschanel put on photography needs a navy blue dress with red range in the middle like a belt and striped properties. A pretty girl’s outfit for women who want to dress in the most girly way.

ta retro foremata ton celebrities4 The retro dresses of celebrities

The Drew Barrymore photographed as the ultimate sex symbol of the 60s with a dress – a trademark of the decade in orange, sleeveless and gold details on the neck and bracelets.

ta retro foremata ton celebrities2 The retro dresses of celebrities

The Sweet Emma Stone chose her favorite little black dress but lace with satin waist belt that makes her look even thinner. The side pockets make the region look more square, style that existed in those decades.

ta retro foremata ton celebrities1 The retro dresses of celebrities

The Blake Lively may be a very charming woman of today, but that does not mean that it can be transformed into a vamp presence. The maxi nude bathroom with amazing bodice and black lines correctly highlight the region and create the illusion very thin waist, is a perfect choice.

ta retro foremata ton celebrities3 The retro dresses of celebrities

The Taylor Swift fully followed the rules of retro style with a long royal blue toilet, very narrow line, low square neckline, red lipstick and manicure, many impressive jewelry in silver and the appropriate hairstyle with thick vagues.

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