Perfect makeup for the first date

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Beauty | January 25, 2015

Always in the First Date we want to look perfect to leave the best impression to the other. Sometimes, this leads to overdo it with the style and dress in a way that does not make us feel comfortable, with hairstyling and show sophisticated but mainly with the Makeup and show that we others. If you overdo it, the more likely it is not to assess your effort and ‘send’ error message. We want to be beautiful or sexy but casual way that shows that they tried very.

idaniko makigiaz gia proto rantevou Perfect makeup for the first date

If you have noticed, most make up artists say that your blush reaches excess to show beautiful and ‘healthy’. He chose a bright pink if you are blonde, and if you’re a redhead, put a softer hue to harmonious effect.

idaniko makigiaz gia proto rantevou1 Perfect makeup for the first date

The red lipstick is the ultimate sexy product for all women without exception. Find the perfect shade for you and forget about any other style Makeup . The smokey eye look is prohibited when dyers red lips. Or would you prefer the one or the other. Add just a little mascara (in any color you want) and you are ready to conquer!

idaniko makigiaz gia proto rantevou3 Perfect makeup for the first date

Conversely, the smokey eye look is very sexy, but you should not overdo. The intense black pencil or shadow can be very ‘hard’ with your face and do not want it in the First Date . To be more confident, choose gray, dark brown or even dark green color.

idaniko makigiaz gia proto rantevou2 Perfect makeup for the first date

Do you want to do a Makeup that is very girly, trendy and romantic? They achieve this by doing the following simple steps: spend very little soft blush, do discreet cat eye line with eyeliner eyes and ends with the following yperoxo trick. Rather than paint it lips in one color, try both. Juicy red on the lower lip and the upper soft pink. You and the compounds to mix colors.

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