The heels of Carrie Bradshaw

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Shoes | January 30, 2015

The value of women’s shoes climbed many levels after the start of the series ‘Sex and the city’ and the cult of Carrie Bradshaw to them. It was anyway stylistic fetish for many women but then arrived and the time of his guilt. Consumer fury of Carrie Bradshaw made us feel better about ourselves and how we deal with the need for frequent shoe purchases. And of course this series highlighted many designers who until then did not hear, such as Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo.

goves tis carrie bradshaw The heels of Carrie Bradshaw

It was not only the shoes that choose to contribute, but also stylistic combinations that accompanied them. The red pointy shoes is this shoe wear yet because match any outfit and make everyone to only watch it.

goves tis carrie bradshaw3 The heels of Carrie Bradshaw

And what does not remember the legendary shoes in the first film of Sex and the city; Were the shoes put on civil marriage with the white suit. An elegant and luxurious shoe you wear when you want extra color to the whole. It is therefore appropriate for white, nude or total black.

goves tis carrie bradshaw1 The heels of Carrie Bradshaw

One of the most memorable performances in the first film, which chose a black and blue dress, sexy over the knee socks and natural leather ankle boots in brown and black.

goves tis carrie bradshaw4 The heels of Carrie Bradshaw

The legendary dress newspaper reappeared in the film but this time no one noticed. And very reasonable if combined with a pair of shocking peep toe shoes from transparent lace and black flowers.

goves tis carrie bradshaw2 The heels of Carrie Bradshaw

The polka dot shoes that put in an incident that was filmed in Paris was the perfect set for a tulip-style skirts and tulle dresses. A print that is still in fashion identical to the pin up style.

goves tis carrie bradshaw5 The heels of Carrie Bradshaw

The over the knee socks are an accessory that often chose the Carrie Bradshaw and made us envy unimaginably we have not dared to try it yet. The baroque dress with long cardigan made the perfect base for patent leather oxfords format Court shoe .

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