The corduroy men style

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We love | January 25, 2015

When we hear corduroy, the first thing we think is a men’s pants or jacket. While in us women is a fashion ‘shuttle’, men are classic choice in winter is part of their daily lives. If not, see what the newest proposals and make a gift to his beloved, brother or your friends or get ideas for the androgynous style that you can cannibalize adjusting always to women’s needs.

kotle stil ton andron3 The corduroy men style

Corduroy equals coffee. Not that there are other options, but like to do it, Passepartout is a color to suit most situations. The combination with worn boots and gray or blue jacket is like having come out of fashion editorial.

kotle stil ton andron The corduroy men style

The beautiful corduroy vest refers us in earlier decades when men wore a classy way, scarf and pulled back hair. The navy blue suit your everyday jeans and a tweed jacket completes a super-chic winter outfit.

kotle stil ton andron1 The corduroy men style

The jacket can completely change the style of a man and would like to see them wear it more often. In winter especially, the corduroy is the perfect fabric to match jeans, fabric and corduroy pants that looks more like a costume. The brown or olive green color is Passepartout while the navy blue or green are more in style.

kotle stil ton andron2 The corduroy men style

And since we mentioned, we observe that there is a better deal than the navy blue jacket that is something between casual and chic. Can be put in the office and at a party maintaining a lovely all day look with polka dots or plaid shirt and thin tie.

kotle stil ton andron4 The corduroy men style

We found the most beautiful set for the man while you can steal ideas and get dressed similarly but more females. Emerald corduroy pants with belt, playful sweater with a white shirt inside, brown boots and jackets. You replace the boots or oxfords with ballerinas and jacket with classic coat or cape.

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