Combine the dress with a denim jacket

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We love | January 26, 2015

The denim jacket is the garment of the 90s, which after various ‘ups and downs’ is again in vogue with the military jacket. We have identified with the warmest clothes for spring and summer but that does not mean you have to stay out in the winter months. If it is cold, replace it with the jacket or cardigan when you do layering. The dresses you need ‘good company’, and you will give them a denim jacket in different lengths and shades of blue.

sindiase forema tzin mpoufan1 Combine the dress with a denim jacket

The summer polka dress three quarters (long) do not need to get into the box with summer clothes. Keep the swamp with a thin leather belt, the denim jacket , thin black tights and sexy ankle boots. Complete the set with your coat or thin faux fur.

sindiase forema tzin mpoufan2 Combine the dress with a denim jacket

To 90s style wants to deneis the plaid shirt around his waist. Alternatively, do it with denim jacket through a beautiful mix and match with dress in office style and classic shoes or sandals.

sindiase forema tzin mpoufan Combine the dress with a denim jacket

If you have in your wardrobe a classic 90s denim jacket , made sure to get one that is so hot right now. Try to combine the way they did at that decade most indicative of the floral dress in short and middle-length, lace ankle boots and a thin black tights.

sindiase forema tzin mpoufan3 Combine the dress with a denim jacket

Can you put a more evening look with sequin short skirt or dress and a long-sleeved top or thin sweater on top. Make mix and match with biker boots or oxfords or simply preferred the classy pointy shoes.

sindiase forema tzin mpoufan4 Combine the dress with a denim jacket

It is obvious that the small black dress is our solid choice for a perfect combination with the denim jacket . For casual style, do not forget the most comfortable sneakers, thin or opaque tights and discreet gold jewelry.

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