The most beautiful hairstyle

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Beauty | January 29, 2015

Are you at this stage you have recently quit on your hair or want to grow long, but still got the road in front of you? If you believe that only those with long hair can make perfect Hairstyles , then make a huge mistake. Depending on the quality of hair, you can create enviable Hairstyles and look (your hair) more and farther. Let’s see how they do it with a few simple moves.

 The most beautiful hairstyle

The good thing with thick or coarse hair is that hair look very rich any hairstyle and to do. Instead, leave straight, be gentle waves by means of a scissor.

ta pio omorfa chtenismata gia kare sou1 The most beautiful hairstyle

We need to do many things. Just straightened hair thoroughly and bring the parting on the side but strongly and volume.

ta pio omorfa chtenismata gia kare sou2 The most beautiful hairstyle

Create many loose curls to show the hair more voluminous and more. Make a loose chignon low on the side to make sure first pronounced parting on the side. He left a few loose curls falling on both sides ca a thoroughly disheveled effect.

ta pio omorfa chtenismata gia kare sou3 The most beautiful hairstyle

A beautiful youthful hairstyle is to start from the side of the hair making French braid that reaches the other side. At that point t grab one too loose updo with hair that are ‘left over’ and let some strands to fall loose.

ta pio omorfa chtenismata gia kare sou4 The most beautiful hairstyle

It is the best time to leave bangs. Summer is not the gamble because we sweat very easily, so do it now. The frame blends perfectly with the bangs and makes you look much more sophisticated. Choose ones that end just above the eyebrows and if you want, opened the side.

ta pio omorfa chtenismata gia kare sou5 The most beautiful hairstyle

Can you think hard, but not all. Fold the hair from one side to another and securing the bottom with tweezers. The purpose is to ‘meet’ the tufts in the same place back for more like elegant classic chignon.

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