5 ways to wear oxford shoes

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Oxfords are perfectly vintage shoes of the season. We love them as they flatter our feet and match any outfit. They appeared in our era one note and the air of the past that we love. View So five ways to wear successfully oxfords.
First, obtain a preppy look by wearing a skinny jeans combined with an oversized sweater. Combine black oxfords, tan bag and nerd glasses. The dressing is a proper appearance for a coffee culture lover shops in town or one stylish day at university.
oxford shoes outfits 1 5 ways to wear oxford shoes
The oxfords can be worn perfectly with a leather leggings, the ultimate outfit this winter. Combine with your favorite white shirt a thin sweater and your favorite blazer. Alternatively, you can wear an oversized sweater or denim shirt. A great casual look for downtown!
oxford shoes outfits 2 5 ways to wear oxford shoes
The oxfords can be beautifully combined with a floral skirt and a cozy cardigan. Add romantic details such as elegant jewelry or a nice headband for your curls neatly cut. Choose makeup in neutral shades and highlight your eyes with an iridescent shade.
oxford shoes outfits 3 5 ways to wear oxford shoes
The oxfords are the ultimate piece of married couples style. Just wear a pair of pants to the ankle, a plain shirt and a cardigan. Choose oxfords in color of your choice. Lift your hair into a sleek bun and you will be dressed in the latest fashion, following the example of many celebrities.
oxford shoes outfits 4 5 ways to wear oxford shoes
Finally, follow the example of Alexa Chung, which combined a beautifully patterned fabric with brown oxfords and socks above the ankle. Prefer made for simple but always elegant your impressions. Leave your hair loose, in their natural look, and painted little or nothing.
oxford shoes outfits 5 5 ways to wear oxford shoes

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