Winter flatforms how to wear

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Except platforms, the shoe is not flat but our promises comfort are flatforms. They began to appear timidly last summer in style sandal or slipper and now winter there are several counts. The athletic version reminds us of the famous ‘two stories’ of the 90s since the sneakers were strong and straight heel. Get a feel for what the winter flatforms and how you can integrate them into your everyday style.

flatforms 1 Winter flatforms how to wear
The men’s brogues can be worn exclusively by female way through flatforms. We like the black and white contrast is created with the sole.
flatforms 2 Winter flatforms how to wear
Most girls will fall in love with these flatform shoes with laces and little hearts. Girly and vintage.
flatforms 3 Winter flatforms how to wear
The same applies to the boots. Pretty much, we can transform every shoe a two-storey sole giving it a more fashion forward twist.
flatforms 4 Winter flatforms how to wear
There can be stylish look without an eccentric shoe. And will certainly achieve the desired result with a animal print flatform. Combine with total black outfit or boyfriend jeans with denim shirt.
flatforms 5 Winter flatforms how to wear
The suede booties can perfectly support a romantic grunge style. A tulle skirt with a t-shirt and leather jacket show Leipzig without such a shoe. Preferably in flatform form that gives you extra points height and style.
flatforms 6 Winter flatforms how to wear
Are you a classic girl and prefer the most feminine and safe choices? The flatforms care for you and you find a pink suede ballerinas … with heel maintaining comfort flat shoe.
flatforms 7 Winter flatforms how to wear
We see little eccentric side of said shoe. Is nude oxford shoe we choose in our everyday look and fit all our clothes. In this two soles of wood in two colors and shaped lightning. Pioneering addressed in bold girls.

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