Must have pumps

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A woman is ‘religion’ the little black dress, a nice lipstick and of course the shoes of. And while it’s so simple, is both difficult to find the right one for you. The shoes fit all women because they add height, sex appeal, improving walking (after some training of course) and tapered leg. But as there are heels and shoes, make sure you find one that suits your temperament and know you will wear quite often. It is a shame to end up somewhere hidden in your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at this year’s trends and let inspiration for future purchases.
pumps 1 Must have pumps From what we understand white is a color that has moved from being purely summer. In winter we will see very white clothes, bags and shoes. Therefore, a white pump in very classic design with strap and gold accents is the epitome of classy and combined with an equally chic outfit.
pumps 2 Must have pumps
We live in the same color but change the style slightly. The ‘game’ of black and white is very elegant with a black strap to ‘break’ the very white. And the animal print details on the back of your ‘wink’ and urge to acquisitions.
pumps 3 Must have pumps
There would be missing the animal print of the shoes. The most sexy pattern meets the most sexy shoe, creating an explosive combination.
pumps 4 Must have pumps
It could be an ideal choice for bridal shoe, but the metallic heels are one of the biggest trends in footwear. Invest in a pair for guaranteed shine.
pumps 5 Must have pumps
Toys and polychromy are fashion statement. Combine a colorful pair with total black outfit or nude shades for a balanced result.
pumps 6 Must have pumps
If you have noticed the nude pumps are not missing any year of the shoe stores. The same is true this year and is the perfect choice after black heels.

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