6 ways to put your scarf on

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Accessories | December 8, 2014


And not only the winter scarf. How often have you stand in front of the mirror, trying to find the most comfortable and stylish way to tie your scarf or pashmina? There is the classic and most appropriate where the wrap around your neck. And for that matter, is the most practical because you want to be completely in keeping warm. But there are other ways to put the scarf or pashmina one thick so as ‘protection’ from the cold and as accessories.

winter scarf 1 6 ways to put your scarf on
A thick pashmina wrapped around almost the entire body, so it is so chic. Reminiscent of the poncho, but is even more classy.
winter scarf 2 6 ways to put your scarf on
Let it fall frugal and austere front. It does not cover the neck, but reminiscent of the way in which worn by gentlemen of high grades and dandy.
winter scarf 3 6 ways to put your scarf on
We need to invest all in a very long scarf purely for practical reasons. Wrapped around his neck and enough left over fabric that you can leave free. Cozy chic.
winter scarf 4 6 ways to put your scarf on
Several slightly different ways to put a small classic scarf. Whether good wrapped around his neck, or as classic pashmina around back or falling loose in front.
winter scarf 5 6 ways to put your scarf on
Does it builds a huge bow of scarf? Put thus falls with equal way, grab the one hand, we have created a circle, and keep it as a bow. Take the shorter edge of the scarf and wrapped it around the bow. He’s out of the way and pulled up any slack the bow. It’s ready.
winter scarf 6 6 ways to put your scarf on
Let’s take a very simple design with knotted scarves. Take the scarf wearing it backwards. We make a circle and bring the edges front cross. Meta do a normal bonding together and ready.

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